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if u lose ur mobile can report to

If u Lose ur Mobile can report to:
They trace ur mobil location even ur mobil is switched off

Stop hellotune service


For 6 moth free gprs
to 54321
For 6 moth free gprs

best chatting sites

How2 Find Ur IP Addres ?

How2 Find Ur IP Addres ?
* Just Opn Camand Prompt
* Type: Ipconfig
* Pres Enter

orkut shortcuts.

Free Ur Computer Space

1.      Free Ur Computer Space
*Go2 Run
*Press Enter
*Select & Delete All Files
(These All Files R Temp Files!)

Divert calls

Trick to swap to other windows easily

Trick to swap to other windows easily
Just Press
ALT+ESC (opens directly)
Press Alt + tab (list of minimizd windws)
That's all

Increase Virtual memory& speed up Pc

>Property my computer
>first Settings
>Reset the virtual memory

lock the computer

2.      enjoy............

To Get Internet Settngs On DoCoMo.

To Get Internet Settngs On DoCoMo. 
To Get Recharge Instruction For All Packs,
Call 12526 (TollFree)Or Dial;

Call Bsnl 2 Bsnl at 20p/min



Trick to view files with extension.

Just go to tools

>folder option
>select view
>and uncheck
hide extension of file
name option.

AirTel FREE Offer.!

One AirTel Number
20ps/Min For Lifelong

100% Free

Just Send:
JODI <ph no>

Add Password to Files/Foldrs!

- Right Click
- New
- Compressd Foldr
- Paste d File In dat Folder
Right Click N Add Passwrd.

St0p outgoing call in Nokia:

St0p outgoing call in Nokia:
-G0 setting
-0pen Callsetting
-0pen Send my caller id
-pRes OFF
No 1can call
Frm ur phone

If ur Computer is Hanged then do this..

& then click on END TASK..
Then wait for some seconds.
Your PC is OK now...

REMOVE thumb.db file from ur folders

1.      REMOVE thumb.db file from ur folders

331. CaLL Any BsnL Mobile 20ps/min

CaLL Any BsnL Mobile 20ps/min
Just Type:
FFE<space>1st Mobile
No<space>2nd Mobile No
to 53733(TollFree)

Lock Ur CD ROM

>Type; regedit
>Find; allocatecdrom.
Change d Value frm 1 To 0.
To Unlock Change It To 1

Aircel Free DiALER TUNE!!

Aircel Free DiALER TUNE!! 

send a sms -
 UL send it to  5300003

idea free dialer tune

Idea free DT 


free in airtel

click here-

click here-


...etc) in Ur Computer 2 250+tech book online ACCESS POINT OF ALL INDIAN MOBILE NETWORK ... AIRCEL FREE DIALER TUNE FOR 1 MONTH AIRTEL ALL ABOUT SPYWARE ALL PC GAME SERIAL KEY antivirus Boot WinXP Fast Bsnl C LANGUAGE KEYWORD Chat With Command Prompt Clean out the prefetch folder computer cool windows 7 trick Create Your Own Logon Message d: DELETE THE MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER OF UR ENEMY Dialog box shortcut Disable CD Burning Disable The Send Error Report disk cleanup........ DIWALI SMS COLLECTION e: enjoy all ur cell phones softwares into ur pc. FIND IP ADDERESS OF UR INTERNET CONNECTION Finding IP address in Yahoo Mail For pc to boost faster than it is nowww......... FREE Full Information about ur computer Get the keyboard on your desktop screen HACKING hellotune HELPFULL TRICKS AND TIPS FOR WINDOWS7 Hidden unknown fact in MICROSOFT WORD How to create a shutdown shortcut. How to find the IP address of the sender in Gmail How to find the IP address of the sender in Hotmail How to Hide the drives(c: HOW TO REMOVE WINDOWS XP MESSENGER How to Restart Windows without Restarting your PC idea If you forget your cell phone password IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR XP SP2. INCREASE RAM INCREASE UR BANDWIDTH Install Xp From Dos Internet explorer Keeping the Windows XP Core in the RAM LINUX SECRET Lock lose mobile finder Make the folder INVISIBLE without hiding MAKE YOUR FOLDER PRIVATE Make your wndows Xp GENUINE Mozilla firefox Natural keyboard shortcut nokia Nokia Secret code notepad Orkut songs scrap Password RECOVERY Console PDF Trick... PROXY PUNJABI SMS COLLECTION Quick Shutdown for XP Rapidshare trick Remove SHORTCUT link from the desktop folder Remove shutdown button Remove Thumb.db file Rename the Recycle Bin RUN COMMANDS SERIAL NUMBER OF ANY SOFTWARE WEBSITES Short cut for shutdown and Restart on desktop SMS COLLECTION SOME FUNNY COMPUTER TRICKS SONY StarWars Movie in Command Prompt SUN TV DTH TATA DOCOMO To Create Folder " CON " to Microsoft Trick to Show ur name after time in taskbar Try to LOCK ur folder wit out Software method Turn Off System Restore to Save Space UNLIMITED RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOAD Use of PrintScreen for some fun VERY FUNNY U MUST CHECK IT OUT...... Very Slow Boot When Networking Virus VIRUS MAKE IN C LANGUAGE vodapone Way to get XP product CODE from CD Write VIRUS to computer in 5 minutes XP XP REPAIR INSTALATION PROCESS Yahoo Chat Commands You can put shortcuts for shortcuts

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